Annalibera EP

by Annalibera

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released July 16, 2013



all rights reserved


Annalibera Des Moines, Iowa

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Track Name: Clouds
what if I jumped in the water of February?
would you come in after me?

frozen fingers
still I stay
I don't know what to say

what if I tried to hold your hand
seems we've been here again & again

only last for moments
this heart is too dark for moonlight
to penetrate the valley
keep your head up in the clouds

baby can I bring you on by to the top of the hill?
you'll see the light of the moon, treetops too
the world is yours
let me show you the clouds

even biking by the Thames
it's empty

what if you jumped in the water that flows to the sea?
well then you'd float right back to me
Track Name: Vermilion
Vermilion; smiles
Film captures two liars, old man, thinker
Friends on deck in the sunshine
Fog so thick you cannot see the island right in front of your face
Disappearing docks without a trace

You left Saturday
Packed up your few things and drove away
I hope it's still true though I lied right into you
Your face
I miss your storms on the next floor
To prove I'm sorry I slept in front of your door

Be my neighbor
I will lend you cups of sugar and ring your bell
And you can show me medals that you will bring home

The lightning flashed across Duluth
The people are all stuck on top of the roof
The fighting is breaking you up in my head
I see the seagull shit in your eye again
Well, then

Here in the middle of the states
We have broke hearts and made mistakes
I will hold you until the last
Well, at least the winter has passed